Mars Life

PC / Single Player / 3D / Explorative / Third Person

Adventure / Platformer

Digital Bros Game Academy / April 2018

Mars Life is a game of Martian exploration. Use the gadgets to scan rocks, recover probes, illuminate dark caves and more. Interact with the Rover to move in the various areas of Mars as: Valles Marineris, Gale Crater and Olympus Mons. The lighting system is based on different times of the day giving you beautiful landscapes in Low Poly.


Simone Di Giorgi, Vincenzo Villani, Stefano Maury


Giorgio Bogni, Davide Balsamini, Marco Giannoccaro, Mattia Vassalli, Sergio Cannata, Tommaso Belli, Alessandro Serenità


Andrea Memeo, Cristina La Spada, Alexander Del Carpio

Game Engine: Unity Engine, C#


PC / Single Player  / 2D / Casual / Satiric / Tv Show

GameJam / Boxing

Digital Bros Game Academy / February 2018

MasterSchief is a game created in about 24 hours at the Digital Bros Intern GameJam, is a satirical Casual game where you will have to punch the most famous Italian chefs. You are the avenger of the defeated competitors in the past editions of the show.


Simone Di Giorgi, Gabriele Dolcemascolo, Antonino Formica


Simone Di Giorgi, Fabio Dallo, Marco Giannoccaro, Egon Cavalli, Stefano Marzullo, Manuel Puliga, Maximiliano Poretti


Flavia Kaiser, Cristina La Spada, Nicola Giuliani

Game Engine: Unity Engine, C#


PC / Single Player / 2D / Turn-Based / Puzzles

Digital Bros Game Academy / August 2017

Pirates is a turn-based game where you have to predict the enemy's move to reach the end and get the much-loved treasure.


Simone Di Giorgi, Riccardo Verza, Andrea Tonnini


Paolo Giudici, Matteo Geraci, Francesco Gualandi, Alessandro Vilasco


Alice Ercolini, Nicola Giuliani

Game Engine: Unity Engine, C#

Prisoner Tv

PC / Single Player / Local Multiplayer / 2D / Shooter

Competitive / Original Soundtrack

Digital Bros Game Academy / June 2017

Two prisoners must fight for freedom. Use the vast arsenal of weapons to destroy different enemies including robots, monsters and other prisoners just like you.


Simone Di Giorgi, Andrea Franciosi

Designers: Fabio Dallo, Giorgio Bogni, Luigi Phillipson, Facundo Giovannone


Facundo Giovannone, Alexander Del Carpio

Musics: Facundo Giovannone

Game Engine: Construct 2



PC / Single Player / Local Multiplayer

Digital Bros Game Academy / May 2017

During the World Cup final of Pong, suddenly the stadium is invaded by undead hungry men. The two players will have to join forces to eliminate the waves of zombies before they destroy the stadium and infect all of humanity.

Programmer: Simone Di Giorgi

Designers: Giovanna Perdomini, Luca Piazza

Game Engine: Construct 2