Level Design


Ruined country

Level Design

In this environment you will explore an abandoned country. Interact with the game elements to open the gates and find the exit.


Fly Around the World

PC / Single Player  / 2D / Casual 

A big tornado is flying umbrellas and sheep around the world, trying to dodge as much as you can and earn points

Granny Driver Simulator

PC / Single Player  / 3D / Casual / Satiric / Driving / Funny 

Granny Driver Simulator is a cute driving game. You are a grandmother who does not want to give up her driving license and persists in driving despite her age. You will have to reach different points of interest and complete the missions that will be assigned to you but ... it will not be so easy to maintain control of the steering wheel.


Android / Single Player  / 2D / Casual / Satiric / Tv Show

GameJam / Boxing

MasterSchief is a game created in about 24 hours at the Digital Bros Intern GameJam, is a satirical Casual game where you will have to punch the most famous Italian chefs. You are the avenger of the defeated competitors in the past editions of the show.


Gigi il Guerriero

Android / Single Player  / 2D / Casual / Satiric / Boxing

Another parody game made with Unity3D. The story is inspired by Hokuto No Ken and you can punch some politics because... sounds fun



PC / Single Player  / 3D Isometric / Puzzle 

Dimensional is an isometric puzzle game where you have to reach the exit by changing gravity and rotating your view.



Android / Single Player  / 2D / Casual / Pets

TataGotchi is an Android version of the famous Tamagotchi. The game works through the timetable of the mobile device.




Single Player  / 2D / Puzzle

Flint is a 2D puzzle game where you will have to complete rooms using your intuitive skills

Pizza party

Single Player  / 2D / Cooking Game

Pizza party is a cooking game inspired by dinner dash. Serve customers as fast as possible to earn more points


Faster Tower

Single Player  / Runner

In this game you will have to run without stopping to collect as many points as possible and beat the record

Duck Hunt

Single Player  / 2D / Hunt

My father loved the videogame Duck Hunt, no longer having a nintendo I decided to recreate it faithfully on Playstation 3 to make sure that he can still play it. It is possible to play using the Playstation Move.

Alice in Wonderland

Single Player  / Platform

Accompany Alice on her journey in search of the White Rabbit

Platforms in the Jungle

Single Player  / 2D / Runner

Complete this race in the jungle paying attention to the pitfalls along the way